Audio Engineering

A/B Comparisons of Songs I mixed.

In this section, I present some of my music production and audio engineering works for other artist. Since I have been producing music since 1995 I feel most confident mixing Hip-Hop and similar, beat-driven genres. The examples on the left showcase A/B Comparisons of the artits’s Ruff Mixes vs my Final mixes. There’s no tinkering with the original material involved to make my mix stand out more. It’s the ruff vs. my mix – nothing more, nothing less!

For me, Mixing is more than just getting stems from artists and making them sound great – it’s about the Song. This means, sometimes the arrangement may need to be refined or addtional production may be needed to bring the best out it. If I feel this is the case, I ask the artists if they are okay with me (re-)arranging the material a little bit to build up to the level of energy and intensity that helps the song. So, having a third party with a lot of experience stepping in does not only assure that your music sounds good but also that it has a solid and exciting structure. But listen for yourself…

If you are interested in getting your Song or Album mixed, feel free to use the Contact Form to get in touch with me.