Kategorie / Animation / Audio Engineering / Motion Graphics / Sound Design

All works including sound I designed.

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  • IB Campus Mannheim Sound Design

    CLIENT: Internationaler Bund STUDIO: Bitteschoen.tv SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Me PROJECT INFO: IB Campus An info video for IB’s new Mannheim Campus Project which will begin in 2019. I edited the existing music, created the sound design and mixed the project.

  • Volkswagen We Sound Design

    CLIENT: Volkswagen STUDIO: Bitteschön TV (Berlin) MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Steezonics (me) A clip explaining Volkswagen’s new networking technology and services for mobility. Unfortunately, synchronicity was lost down the road.

  • Zumtobel Claris Commercial

    CLIENT: Zumtobel STUDIO: BitteschönTV (Berlin) MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Thorsten Klasen (me) Music and Sound I created for the Zumtobel Claris Commerical.

  • GUI Sound Design Contest Submission

    Use filters, EQs and other processors and effect plug-ins to filter and modulate white noise to achieve the sounds for the UI clip. Do not use any other audio sources such as recording new audio, library sounds, synthesizers or instrument plugins. – BoomLibrary Sound Design Contest Rules

  • In-Game Sound Design (Spec)

    In-Game Sound Design including Music, Atmospheres and Sound Effects I created at Datenklang Sound Design School.