Kategorie / Animation / Audio Engineering / Motion Graphics / Sound Design

Sounddesign for Animations and Motion Graphics.

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  • IB Campus Mannheim Sound Design

    CLIENT: Internationaler Bund STUDIO: Bitteschoen.tv SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Me PROJECT INFO: IB Campus An info video for IB’s new Mannheim Campus Project which will begin in 2019. I edited the existing music, created the sound design and mixed the project.

  • Sky EHF Handball Opener – Director’s Choice Sound

    CLIENT: dyrdee Media, Berlin COMPOSER: Frank Granholm SOUND DESIGN & MIX: Thorsten Klasen  

  • SAE Sound Design Contest Submission

    My Submission for the SAE Sound Design contest in Summer 2014. It’s  a rendered 3D scene showing vicious beast escaping a cage and attacking the camera/a first person observer.