Kategorie / Audio Engineering / Audio Post-Production

Works I mixed.

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  • ANCHOR Award 2022

    I edited the songs in the introductory videos of the bands nominated for the 2022 ANCHOR Award show.

  • Inhorgenta 2022 Expo

    Music I produced for the Inhorgenta Expo 2022. Variations of this beat were created for the Opening of the Expo as well as the actual Award show.

  • Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2021 (DCP)

    Music and Sounddesign for the 2021 German Games Awards Show.

  • Zumtobel nBox

    Commercial for Zumtobel. I produced the music, sound design and mixed it.

  • Festival of Animation Berlin 2020 Campaign

    Three commercials for the Festival of Animation Berlin 2020.

  • Zumtobel Services

    Five animated clips explaining the features of Zumtobel’s Digital Services based on their lighting infrastructure. I produced the music and sound design.

  • Scuderia Alpha Tauri F1 Season 2020 Car unveil

    Music and Sounddesign for Scurderia Alpha Tauri’s F1 car reveal for the 2020 Season in Milan.

  • Mercedes-Benz – Digital Business Development

    I created the Muisc, Sound Design and Mix for this branding package for Mercedes-Benz Digital Business Development.

  • Goretexcubes-1024x576.jpg

    Gore-Tex Garment Portfolio

    A slick animation by 1000K.berlin presenting the garment portfolio of Gore-Tex in the form of animated cubes with sub-levels of tiles.

  • Binnenhäfen

    In three clips the benfits of using waterways for transport and commerce are explained.

  • chabot_biiteschoentv.jpg

    Volkswagen Chatbot

    I created some futuristic lo-fi inspirerd robotic space funk for this clip.

  • Dalhoff Recruitment Video

    A recruitement video I produced current hip-hop music for and mixed.