A collection of some of my sound design, music production and audio engineering works. Enjoy!

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  • Zumtobel Claris (Music & Sound Design)

    Client: Zumtobel Studio: BitteschönTV (Berlin) Music & Sound Design: Thorsten Klasen (me)

  • New Album Mix: Dr. Violtett – Das Volle Programm

    A collabo album by german hip-hop Artistst Pascall Violett and Dr. BBB I mixed and produced two Tracks on. Check the flavor: DR.VIOLETT - DAS VOLLE PROGRAMM by Pascall Violett DR.VIOLETT - DAS VOLLE PROGRAMM by Pascall Violett More info and album download: If you're looking for for a beat or someone to mix your…
  • Pascall Violett – Gruppengtherapie

    Gruppengtherapie by Pascall Violett ARTIST: Pascall Violett ALBUM: Gruppengtherapie COVER ART: Graphizzle Novizzle PRODUCTION & MIX: Stan Steez
  • Stan Steez – Cruise Control. Album Out now!

    Album Done I just released my first Synthwave Album via Bandcamp today and I am pretty amped about it. It has been a project of passion and labour. Let's go 80s! It's a smooth blend of 80s style Arpeggios spiced up with dope Drum Programming, tasteful Synth Leads and lovely lush Pads creates a powerful…
  • Audio Engineering: Pascall Violett – Modus

    ARTIST: Pascall Violett EP: Modus MIX: Stan Steez LISTEN: A Cloud / Trap Album by german Hip-Hop Artist Pascall Violett I mixed and also produced two tracks for.

  • Sky EHF Handball Opener – Director’s Choice Sound

    Client: dyrdee Media, Berlin Composer: Frank Granholm Sound Design & Mix: Thorsten Klasen  

  • User Interface Sound Design Contest Submission

    Use filters, EQs and other processors and effect plug-ins to filter and modulate white noise to achieve the sounds for the UI clip. Do not use any other audio sources such as recording new audio, library sounds, synthesizers or instrument plugins. – BoomLibrary Sound Design Contest Rules

  • SAE Sound Design Contest Submission

    My Submission for the SAE Sound Design contest in Summer 2014. It’s  a rendered 3D scene showing vicious beast escaping a cage and attacking the camera/a first person observer.

  • Illtis - Der Segen der Ignoranz

    Illtis – Der Segen der Ignoranz | Mixing Notes

    der segen der ignoranz by illtis ARTIST: Illtis ALBUM: Der Segen der Ignoranz MIX: Thorsten Klasen Der Ruhrpottler Philmrizz, aka Der Illtis, laut Selbstaussagen eine "Melange aus Polytoxikomanie und überbordendem Hedonismus", hat im Herbst/Winter 2014 ein Konzeptalbum mit dem provokanten Titel Der Segen der Ignoranz aufgenommen. In traditioneller Hip-Hop-Manier rapt dieser "Poet in Gestalt eines…
  • In-Game Sounddesign (Spec)

    Some In-Game Sounddesign work including Music, Atmospheres and Sound effects I created at Datenklang Sound Design School.

  • Sounddesign for TV: Easter Special on Nickelodeon

    A collection of 16 animated clips from 2006 where I created the sounddesign and produced some of the music. It has re-run a couple of times now, lastely in 2013. They can be watched here

  • Rap pro Alphabetisierung

    ARTIST: Kunstrasen BEAT: Stan Steez Eine Musikproduktion für Kunstrasen anlässlich der iChance-Initiative. Gefördert wird das Projekt vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung im Rahmen der Nationalen Strategie für Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung Erwachsener. Eine gute Sache, wie ich finde!